Whirlwind USA offer the largest range of professional interfacing products in the world and the finest, most extensive custom service capabilities available, and they have been doing this for 35 years. It is difficult to imagine the huge number of innovations and solutions that have been created by this New York based company but Whirlwind continue to do just that, innovate. From the hugely successful Whirlwind LEADER instrument cable right up to hotel and casino installs, Selectron can assist you with the right product for your company.

Whirlwind Product Lines

If you are involved in the Music or Broadcast industry then Whirlwind will be a name you will most certainly have heard of. Covering a vast array of solutions for guitar players, sound engineers and right up to custom hotel and casino installations, Whirlwind are purveyors of rugged, high quality audio products. Below is just a selection of the available solutions from Whirlwind USA.

Pre-wired Cables

Whirlwind builds hundreds of different types of cables with the same dedication to quality and innovation that has remained its philosophy since 1975. One at a time, by hand and with the finest cable and connectors. That's the way Whirlwind have been doing it for over 30 years.

Known by musicians all over the world as a hugely reliable and toneful cable, the Whirlwind LEADER & LEADER ELITES are one of the only cables asked for by nameand with a lifetime guarantee, you never have to worry about your cable breaking (not that it will!).
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Whirlwind FX Pedals

They name Michael Laiacona will always be synonymous with guitar effect pedals. As the creator and President of Whirlwind, Michael was also a co-creator of the original MXR pedals. After sending MXR on it's road to success, Michael started the Whirlwind company and now, all these years later, Michael felt the time was right to return home to FX boxes with the introduction of the 'Rochester Series', up-to-date reproductions of the original MXR pedals he created. Now, the line has grown to the approval of musicians worldwide.

Whirlwind FX Pedals

The Whirlwind BOMB (pictured above), 26dB of good old American boost! with true bypass, a bright LED, and a 9V power input. BOOM!
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Whirlwind Medusa Snakes

The famous Whirlwind Medusa has been on the road with bands and sound companies for over 30 years. Take a look and see how we make the most durable snake you can buy.

Whirlwind Medusa Snakes

As with all Whirlwind USA products, the Medusa is hand-made in Rochester NY, USA. One of the best ways to judge a snake's quality is to look inside at what isn't usually seen. Highly skilled staff create a very durable and clean quality build throughout. Wire ties are found at all critical stress points and the heavy gauge steel box features a true Kellems strain relief and grip. Available in a huge choice of cable lengths and connector choices, there is a Medusa solution for ANY multicore problem.
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