EMG Pickups

The original concept and intent in designing the first EMG's was to create a pickup that translated an instrument's tone more realistically with improved characteristics; making the instrument play and sound more musical. EMG have created a line of pickups that speaks to what musicians in the real world are asking for: versatility, reliability, responsiveness, and great all around tone. There truly is no comparison between EMG's and other conventional pickups on the market today. EMG's have a much broader frequency response that's better for capturing harmonics, chord definition, individual notes, and overall dynamics.

'Active Artists'

EMG pickups are being installed by thousands of musicians around the world and there are a slew of professional guitarists demanding the tone and response that only EMGs can give them. Artists like Zakk Wylde, Kerry King, Alexi Laiho and James Hetfield know that EMG is the pickup that can deliver on their demands and offer that brutal tone that make up these artists huge wall-of-sound. But EMG do not just cater to the metal fraternity, Such masters as Dave Gilmour and Steve Lukather have discovered EMG is central to their immense tones. Today EMG can offer you SIGNATURE sets and PRO SERIES sets, offering you easy-to-install humbuckers or a complete scratchplate replacement set.

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SPOTLIGHT: EMG-JH SET 'An evolution'

World renowned artist James Hetfield has being using EMG Pickups for over two decades with hisd active sound being heard across countless Metallica albums. James' recent collaboration with EMG has produced, arguably, one of the finest pickups EVER! An evolution of the popular EMG-81/60 combination, the JH -Set went through twenty variations before James settled on the magic number nineteen as THE sound he was after. Since its release, the EMG JH-Set has taken the guitar world by storm and has settled its position as the ultimate replacement pickups for all those guitar players looking for that brutal wall-of-sound but with masses of clarity and warmth.

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