Cashimira Guitars

The workshop of Joan CasHiMira was foundered in Gata de Gorgos, a small handcraft village of the sunny Alicante – Spain.

About 100 years ago our grandfather Caselles, with his great inclination towards music, was deeply impressed by the magic of this instrument, the Spanish guitar.

And with his fine handcraft-ability he began the Cashimira adventure by building his first guitar. The outcome was a beautiful guitar, the idea and the result had great success, and with the help of his son Vicente Caselles Mulet they started to make guitars which were really well accepted among musicians.

Joan CasHiMira represents the union and abbreviation of the family names from the actual Luthier Jo[sé] An[tonio] Cas[elles] Mira[lles].

Joan CasHiMira is the third generation of luthiers that still carries all the wisdom and past experience, continuing to look forward to the perfection in the construction of the instruments, taking in consideration the musical expectations of the guitar player of today and the development of the instrument in the last 100 years. For all these reasons we always take special care to the details, selection of materials, temperature, humidity and building procedures. We believe it is not only to put together some pieces of wood, it goes beyond that.It is a methodology, an art, a perfection that looks for that special sound. It is about giving a soul to a piece of wood that becomes an instrument that in the right hands will provide extraordinary sounds and musical possibilities.

Cashimira Guitars

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