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Press Release

Product Spotlight

We are proud to announce Selectron (UK) Ltd as the official UK distributors for both Cordoba and Guild guitars.

Read the official CORDOBA Press Release Read the official GUILD Press Release

New 'Metallica' Guitars

Latest News

2014 has seen ESP introduce a slew of awesome new models including these stunning new Metallica models, the KH-WZ and the Iron Cross SW.

Check out the KH WHTIE ZOMBIE

Check out the IRON CROSS SW

Dealer News

Dealer News


World Class MI Distribution

At Selectron, we have an enviable task of supplying UK MI stores with some of the world's best products. Whether it be Rock, Metal, Classical, Blues or Pop, we have the brands that excel in all of these genres. Wish to find out more about us?

Our Product Lines

As one of the most prestigious lines in the World, ESP Guitars have been distributed within the UK by Selectron for over two decades and now sees the line stronger than ever before. From its humble beginnings in a small store in Tokyo, Japan in 1975, the ESP Guitar Company has grown from strength to strength with a huge array of international artists choosing ESP for it's tone, playability, build quality and its unquestionable 'cool'. Today, the ESP Guitar Company also incorporates the critically acclaimed LTD line allowing ESP fans the world over to own their dream instrument irrespective of price.
Check out our ESP Guitars page

Back in 1974, Rob Turner started EMG Pickups in his parents' garage. Little did he know how instrumental EMG pickups would become to the sound of thousands of guitar players the world over. Selectron are proud distributors of EMG products available for guitar, bass and acoustic.
Check out our EMG Pickups page

Whirlwind USA offer the largest range of professional interfacing products in the world and the finest, most extensive custom service capabilities available, and they have been doing this for 35 years. It is difficult to imagine the huge number of innovations and solutions that have been created by this New York based company but Whirlwind continue to do just that, innovate. From the hugely successful Whirlwind LEADER instrument cable right up to hotel and casino installs, Selectron can assist you with the right product for your company.
Check out our Whirlwind page

Joan Cashimira represents the third generation of luthiers in the Cashimira family and carries all the wisdom and experience and continues to perfect the construction of their beautiful guitars. Special care is taken with all aspects of manufacturing, including selection and optimal long term storage seasoning of tone woods and timber, humidity and temperature controlled; a combination of traditional and modern construction techniques. Selectron are proud to offer this fantastic range of classical and flamenco guitars to our dealers.
Check out our Cashimira Guitars page

Swiff Tuners bring a unique experience to the world of tuners. With their 'Cartoon Series' offering fun designs such as the A71 Alien or the A72 Bat, Swiff certainly offer something new. Swiff do not stop at unique fun designs, they also offer innovation with best-in-class clip-on attachments and their new patented 'Magnetic' clip-on design offering musicians even more options.
Check out our Swiff Tuners page

Arguably the greatest capos on the market, Selectron are proud to distribute this world-class range. Created in 1974 and based on the solid premise of no compromises, Shubb went on the make products to the highest standard or quality possible, quickly becoming the capo of choice for discerning players everywhere.
Check out Shubb Capos